Paris  is an amazing and beautiful place to visit. It actually feels magical to me; connecting to a history and culture so foreign to my experience growing up in east Tennessee. These photographs were taken over 5 years on annual visits. By staying for a month, we were able to integrate into the neighborhood to a degree not possible when visiting for a briefer time. 

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Man reading on the Seine
Eiffel Tower at night
Paris skylight
Gold Pitcher-Monet's home
Très Chic
Purple café chairs
Pyramid at The Louvre
Vintage Dress
Hair on Fire !
Paris street at night
Cafe cat
Monet's desk
Fountain of Innocents
The Trocadéro and Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower-B&W
Watering Cans-Flower Market
Spring picnic on the Seine
Medici Fountain
Locks of Love
Ceiling at Printemps
Sacré Coeur
Chestnut Blossoms at Luxembourg Gard
Institut de France
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