Hi, I’m Marilyn,

I’ve been taking photographs and writing as long as I can remember.

After retiring from a career I loved in physical therapy, I was able to focus on my photography. I am trying to reflect the beauty I see everywhere, in people, places and nature

Travel photography excites our senses with the new and familiar. Paris is one of my favorite destinations. But I also love the Tennessee mountain region,

where I grew up, California and Oregon, Costa Rica, Maine, New Orleans, Florida and my own backyard . I just returned from my first visit to The Cotswolds in England and I am just printing garden photos from that trip.

I live in Windermere, Florida with my artist husband, Larry ( www.beautifulwoodart.com) and two sweet kittens, Cocoa and Bamboo.

Thanks for visiting my site and please let me know if you have any questions.

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Photo courtesy of Jane Austin

Cards, Prints and Postcards are available at :


Orlando Museum of Art , Orlando

Florida CraftArt , St. Petersburg

Sam Flax (art supplies and gift shop) in Orlando and Atlanta

Morse Museum of Art ( Tiffany Art Glass ) ,Winter Park

The Bookmark, Neptune Beach, Fla.

Tim’s Wines in Windermere and Orlando

Museum of East Tennessee History , Knoxville, Tennessee

Union Avenue Books, Knoxville, Tennessee

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