I absolutely love to people watch. The faces, the fashion sense, the enjoyment of life are all so much fun to observe.

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Bride and Groom -Notre Dame
French Girls
Nap-time for Lovers
Stylish at Palais Royal
Hat Artisan
The Drawing Room-Tennessean
Bartender-The Tennessean
Puttin' on the Ritz
Dali and Vans
Trés chic !
Trés Chic- B&W
Crepe Guy at Notre-Dame
Dog walk on the Left Bank
Le Cafe
My Hair is on Fire !
Girl on Paris bridge
Nuns at St.Gervais-St.Protais
Seal Rock artist 1
Seal Rock -Artist 2
New Orleans violinist
Esprit Francais !
Friendly persuasion-Shakespeare & Co
Friends at Palais Royal
Street Musicians -Paris
Waiter at Le Georges
Music lesson on the Seine
Oyster shuckers New Orleans
Paris kitchen
Paris Kitchen break time
Casting a net
Couple on Pass-A-Grille beach
4th of July Vermont shop
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Street Musicians -Paris